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Over the last six years, we have built many pages of content on corrosionsource, content designed to meet your every challenging and mundane corrosion problem. With corporate access, you have the trained experts at CorrosionSource now working to find that important piece of corrosion/materials data or critical problem solving tool/database. We have gleaned knowledge, data stemming from over thirty years of experience into a portal designed to be the one and only source for all your corrosion/materials information needs.

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What is available through CorrosionSource Corporate Access?

  • The largest Online body of technical reports related to Corrosion and Materials (over twenty years of laboratory testing)
    • Corrosion and cracking test data
    • Information on material behavior, from petrochemical operations to aerospace applications and from transportation to nuclear power
    • Download valuable reports and software that assist locate, analyze and interpret data

  • Different Types of articles, Technical data sources and databases
    • Corrosion data
      - general, localized, galvanic, intergranular and erosion
    • Cracking data
      - SCC, SSC, HEC
    • Materials data
      - Steels, stainless steels, Corrosion Resistant Alloys, plastics, composites etc.
    • Data on corrosion control, fitness for service, failure analysis and cathodic protection systems
    • Field Information on materials and corrosion from multiple sources of content (ASTM, ASM, NiDi etc)
    • Published literature references on high interest topics

  • Access to CorrosionSource Learning Center
    • Fundamentals of corrosion and materials, fitness for service, failure analysis, risk and integrity analysis, etc.
    • Intensive training on specific technical areas from experts, including online course
    • Learning from your desk-top.
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