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Atomic Number:105Atomic Symbol:Db
Atomic Weight:268Electron Configuration:[Rn] 5f14 6d3 7s2
Shells:2,8,18,32,32,11,2 Filling Orbital:6d2
Melting Point:K ( oC)Boiling Point:K ( oC)
Description:A man-made radioactive transition metal


Credit for the discovery of dubinium in 1967 is shared between teams of scientists at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research at Dubna, Russia and scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, California. The element was named after the research facility in Russia where it was synthesized.


Dubnium is a synthetic radioactive metal, created by nuclear bombardment, and has only been produced in tiny amounts. Dubnium is made by bombarding californium-249 with nitrogen. It can also be produced by bombarding americium-243 with neon


Dubnium has 8 isotopes whose half-lives are known, with mass numbers from 255 to 263. None are stable. The most stable isotope is 262Db, with a half-life of 34 seconds

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